Backyard Conservation

Our Environment Begins With Your Yard!

What you do in and with your yard can end up outside your yard—in your neighbor’s yard, in the storm drain or stream, and eventually in the ocean. If you multiply what you do in your yard by the number of people on the block, in your town, in your country, or in your state, the yard starts to look like everybody’s business. The environment really does begin with your yard!

Image courtesy of Fred Rozumalski through USDA.


A clean, well-maintained yard looks good. Those who pass by may comment on how beautiful your yard looks, how the neighborhood seems like a great place to live, and how the property values are enhanced by appearances. Those around you are proud to have you as their neighbors.

Water Quality

Ground covers and other plants hold your soil in place. If the soil washes away it can flow into your neighbor’s yard, clog storm drains and streams, and carry along pesticides and nutrients that pollute the water.


The plants in your yard, your neighbor’s yard, in the woods, down the street, in the public park next door, all give off oxygen to help us breath. They keep the air fresh and clean. Also, plants help to cool the environment by providing shade.


Your yard can be home to many birds, butterflies, and animals that are interesting to observe and can help control pests.

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