Soil Group Worksheets for Agricultural Value Assessments

What is an Agricultural Assessment?
NYS law provides a local mechanism for protecting and promoting availability of land for farming purposes, and provides tax benefits by limiting farmland assessment values. By applying and qualifying for an agricultural assessment, farmers can receive a reduction in land taxes.

What is the process?
Getting an agricultural exemption takes just a few steps that are outlined below:

1. Reach out to your Tax Assessor to determine if your land is eligible for an agricultural exemption, some qualifications include but are not limited to:

      ♦Generally, the property must be 7+ acres (< 7 acres must earn $50,000+)
      ♦Land must be used for the production of crops within last 2 years
      ♦Annual gross sales of agricultural products must average $10,000+
      ♦Equine: must be 7+ acres, board 10+ horses, & generate $10,000+ in boarding 

2. If eligible, complete the agricultural exemption form for our assessor, it is at this point that you will be directed to us.

3. Notify the Soil and Water Conservation District that you have spoken with your assessor and they have determined that you can receive an exemption, fill out the form below and submit it to our office along with a map of your land with agricultural land highlighted (we accept in person requests or via the mail). There is a $40 fee for every parcel.

4. We will complete a map of the soil types for each parcel you submit. You will receive two copies of this map in the mail. One is for you to keep or your personal records, while the other you must mail to your tax assessor. Ultimately it is the assessor who will determine your final tax deduction.

We ask that when submitting a copy of a map to your soil group worksheet request, please highlight the locations on the map as to where your agricultural land is located. It can often be very difficult when using our software to distinguish between agricultural land and open areas such as lawns, empty fields, etc.



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