Finding a Rain Barrel for Your Backyard



Rain barrels are a useful item to keep in your yard. They connect directly to your downspout and collect the stormwater runoff from the roof of your home. Using a rain barrel can help keep stormwater runoff from washing sediments and pollutants down storm sewers. The water that is collected can later be used for watering gardens and lawns, reducing your water bill.


Also, there are many retail locations throughout Monroe County where you can purchase rain barrels. Rain barrels come in a variety of different styles and range in price. Check your local retailers or online to find one right for you. Here are just a few retailers who carry rain barrels:

                                                                              In Stores:                                                                                 Online:

                                              The Home Depot                                                                     The Home Depot

                                                ACE Hardware                                                                            Walmart

                                                  CountryMax                                                                                 Sears

                                                 Tractor Supply                                                                             Amazon

                                                      Lowe’s                                                                                     Lowe’s





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