Post Construction

The District participates in the following post construction stormwater practices:

  • Post Construction Site Inspections
  • Green Infrastructure Implementation
  • Stormwater Pond Assistance
  • Stormwater Training for engineers, contractors, and other professionals


Pond Assistance

In collaboration with the NYS DEC and the municipalities of Monroe County, we conduct stormwater pond inspections that are completed in post-construction. These inspections help determine if the pond is functioning as designed. Stormwater ponds are designed to filter and store stormwater from newly developed sites. These ponds treat stormwater and filter out pollutants before they can be carried to our nearest waterways.


Green Infrastructure

We assist in the design and maintenance of various green infrastructure practices throughout the county – like this rain garden. We also provide classes to engineers and landscape architects on how to properly develop these kinds of sites.


Here you can find links to commonly used post construction stormwater references