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2020 Western New York Stormwater Management Training Series

The district will be offering four classes as part of the 2020 Stormwater Management Training Series

Here is a look at the classes being offered and when:

1/29 Green Infrastructure

This class will examine the design details, applications, and critical elements of various GI practices that are necessary for long term performance. Proper plant selection, planting and care of the “green” elements of GI will be emphasized, as well as techniques for making GI practices “people friendly”. Working with a specific site, participants will prepare a green infrastructure plan that incorporates appropriate structures, as well as complete a properly prepared planting plan. We will also review the important elements of planting installation and maintenance that can lead to the survival, long term performance, and community acceptance of projects.

2/26 Stormwater Management & Land Retrofitting: Reevelopments & Retrofits

After decades of living with the effects of unchecked urban sprawl and the rapid decline of open space, re-development presents a refreshing alternative, which can also significantly reduce stormwater impacts. Chapter 9 of the NYSDEC Stormwater Management Design Manual is dedicated to the unique design standards on re-development sites. We will explore the numerous retrofitting opportunities and the techniques that can be employed to transform developed areas to a more resilient form. Design examples, class exercises, and case studies will be presented along with the components of a successful municipal retrofitting program.

3/25 The Stormwater Construction Permit

The Stormwater Construction permit is the template for designing Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) for development projects. This comprehensive class will guide participants through the many permit conditions and requirements pertaining to various development scenarios, as well as the steps of site planning, design, evaluation and reporting necessary for obtaining NYSDEC stormwater permit coverage. The class will review latest version of the permit by NYSDEC personnel from Central Office. Then, beginning with the evaluation of pre-developed conditions and project objectives, the sequential process of site planning, stormwater practice selection Erosion & Sediment Control design and SMP design will be reviewed. Hydrology computations for WQv, CPv, OBv, ExSv, and RRv will then be covered. The class will conclude with a review of the SWPPP outline, the Notice Of Intent (NOI), and the establishment of maintenance programs. The class provides a unique opportunity for participants to interact directly with the regulatory agency on issues relating to the NYSDEC SPDES General Permit for Stormwater Discharges from Construction Activities Permit and Stormwater Management Design Manual.

5/6 Illicit Discharge, Pollution Prevention Programs & the New MS4 Permit

Two critical obligations required by the NYSDEC SPDES General Permit for Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) operators are to prevent illicit stormwater discharges (MCM 3 – Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination; IDDE), and to prevent pollution from municipal facilities and operations (MCM 6 –Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping). This class will focus on the fundamental requirements of both MCMs, including proven strategies for compliance, mapping strategies, as well as highlighting some of the more advanced strategies to help meet future permit requirements. This class, co-instructed with Andy Sansone of Monroe County, will review the elements of successful municipal IDDE and Pollution Prevention programs, with case studies, mapping tools and class exercises. DEC personnel from Central Office will also be present to provide a brief update and summary of the pending updates to the MS4 general permit.

All courses will be held at:

Monroe Community College (Brighton Campus)
1000 East Henrietta Road
Rochester, NY 14623
Class Room 209 (Empire Room) or Room 130 (Forum Room) in Building 3.

Workshop fees:

$230 per session
$100 per session for Monroe County Stormwater Coalition Members
There is a 10% discount for those who attend all four sessions

Informational Brochure

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NYSDEC-Endorsed 4 Hour Erosion and Sediment Control Required Trainings

The District is currently offering a NYSDEC-Endorsed 4 Hour Erosion and Sediment Control Required Training. Read more below.

Qualified inspectors and trained contractors must have 4 hours of training in the principles and practices of erosion and sediment control endorsed by the NYS DEC. This training is not required for individuals with a CPESC, LA, and PE certification. Upon completion of the course, each participant will receive a NYS DEC Stormwater Training Number on a certificate and wallet card good for 3 years. This course costs $100.00 per individual attending and there are no refunds.

Pre-registration for this event is required. Signups are due Wednesday, March 11th, and you can register for this event here. If you have any questions, please contact either Kelly Emerick or Amanda Little at 585-753-7380 or mcswcd@monroecounty.gov.

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For more NYSDEC-Endorsed 4-hour Erosion and Sediment Control Trainings outside of Monroe County, Click Here to visit the NYSDEC website.



Contact Information
March 18, 2020

Henrietta Town Hall
475 Calkins Road
Henrietta, NY 14450
7:30 am - 12:00 pm


Kelly Emerick or Amanda Little
585-753-7380 or mcswcd@monroecounty.gov