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Annual Agricultural Plastic Container Recycling Program

   The Monroe County SWCD will be working in conjunction with the Genesee County SWCD, USAg Recycling, Inc., and the Ag Container Recycling Council to participate in the annual Agricultural Plastics Recycling Program.

What qualifies to be recycled?

   Only non-refillable plastic containers from 1 gallon to 55 gallon brrels made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) embossed with recycling symbol #2 on the bottom are acceptable.Larger containers, such as 250 gal. totes are accepted but must have all metal removed and be cut into 2'x2' strips. 5 gal. buckets are also accepted but must have the metal handle removed. Multi-gallon containers must have caps and booklet removed. All containers MUST be clean, empty, pressure rinsed or triple rinsed and dry. Any container that is not clean will be returned to the owner.

To participate...

   You must call the District ahead of time to pre-register and to let us know the approimate amount of containers you will have for recycling. Collection will be avaliable in June and October. Exact dates and locations are to be decided and will be based on the anticipated amount collected. For more information or to pre-register contact Jeremy Paris at 585-753-7671 or jeremyparis@monroecounty.gov

Soil Group Worksheets for Agricultural Value Assessments

What is an Agricultural Assessment?
     NYS law provides a local mechanism protecting and promoting availability of land for farming purposes, and provides tax benefits by limiting farmland assessment values. By applying and qualifying for an agricultural assessment, farmers can receive a reduction in land taxes.
    Qualifications include:
      ♦Generally, the property must be 7+ acres (< 7 acres must earn $50,000+)
      ♦Land must be used for the production of crops within last 2 years
      ♦Annual gross sales of agricultural products must average $10,000+
      ♦Equine: must be 10+ acres, board 10+ horses, & generate $10,000+ in boarding fees.

What is the process?
    Landowners should contact their Town Assessor or the Soil and Water Conservation District to discuss eligibility requirements. The due date to submit Soil Group Worksheet Request Forms is Tuesday February 17th. The cost is $40.00.The form and FAQs can be accessed by the links below.

Soil Group Worksheet Request Form
Agriculture Assessment Q & A's

Agricultural Environmental Management

The District has recently completed an AEM Strategic Plan to guide our AEM program for 2015-2020.
Click here to view the Strategic Plan.

What is AEM?
    AEM is a voluntary, incentive-based program that helps all farmers operate environmentally sound and economically viable businesses. The program coordinates existing agricultural and environmental conservation agencies and programs, as well as agribusiness, to provide one-stop shopping for services.

AEM Benefits Farmers & the Environment:
AEM_Logo       ♦Document your environmental stewardship
      ♦Improve water quality in Monroe County
      ♦Gain access to grant & program money to improve farming operations through the implementation
        of best management practices (BMPs)
      ♦Manage manure and fertilizer nutrients
      ♦Manage barnyard run-off and process wastewater
      ♦Conserve soil
      ♦Improve neighbor and community relations
      ♦Comply with environmental regulations
      ♦Promote the economic and environmental benefits of farmland to the community
      ♦Meet permit requirements for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs

     If you own or operate farmland in Monroe County and have an interest in participating in the AEM program, please don't hesitate to contact the district. One of our technicians will be happy to speak with you. If you have not participated in AEM Program and would like to participate please contact the Distirct.

“AEM benefits farmers, their workers, and their neighbors, as well as our water supply.
Not only are the new methods safer and better for the environment, some of them even pay for themselves.”

- Chris Kelly, Farmer

Looking for more information? Check out the New York State Ag and Markets website by clicking below!
New York State Ag & Markets

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